Both Angular and Node are built in JavaScript. Angular Development is an open-source framework. On the other hand, Node Development is a cross-platform environment and system that is built in Java. Even though Angular Development and Node Development both built-in Java and are different in terms of runtime script, in order to run Angular properly in different browsers, Node is used to compile Angular so that it could run in the browsers.

Angular is a TypeScript-based open-source web application framework led by the Angular Team at Google and by a community of individuals and corporations.

System Benefits

  • Angular Implements MVC that works a mediator later on.
  • Node uses ‘push technology’ that communicates through the internet for transactions and other important requests. NOD is considered as the best option to use Push Technology.
  • Angular has an incredible ability to perform unit testing through injecting Mock Data.
  • NODE requires very less amount of coding that makes things easier for both the developer and the site owner.


Our Research wing keep working relentlessly to improve a better way of Angular and Node Development. This will make sure you have the latest updates of all the design and coding related performance.

Web IT Mart has never been shy of taking all the necessary precaution measures at any point in time. Whether in Angular Development or Node Development, we always put extra attention to all the subtle things to avoid any sort of disaster regarding the performance of your website.

We are very much concerned about intelligence to be involved top to bottom at every point of our daily work. There are a number of people on board who are not only intelligent but also know how to pull out any project even in difficult situations within the set timeline.

Appointing only specialized Developers, designer for any particular project is our basic rule and we follow that very strictly. That is why we hear hardly any complaints from our respected clients regarding work quality.

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